I am Stephen Kuehl

Software Engineer

I am a professional Software Engineer who is passionate
about new open source frameworks, intuitive
interfaces, and efficient programming.

About Me

  • Name: Stephen Kuehl
  • Date of birth: 23 Jun 1986
  • Address: Richardson, TX
  • Nationality: American
  • Phone: (214) 793-1227
  • Email: unstephenk@gmail.com


I want to bring new and innovative software to the world with the goal of making life simpler and easier to enjoy.

What I've Done

I have been previously employed with three companies in the DFW area. My most recent position with RMG Networks consisted of working closely with several open source technologies with the goal of building a new SaSS platform from the ground up (similar to that of a startup). This was the closest to open source, Full-stack development I have ever experienced. The technologies included NodeJS, HTML, CSS, PostGres, MySQL, Laravel, PHP, and a whole lot of Javascript.

Before my position with RMG Networks, I was employed with a software company called nThrive (formerly MedAssets). nThrive is a Healthcare performance improvement company focused on enhancing financial and operational systems for providers so they can better serve their communities. More specifically, I worked on the Business Intelligence side using MicroStrategy and TIBCO Spotfire to present vital statistics to our customers so they can perform detailed financial analysis.

At the start of my career, I worked with a networking company in Richardson, TX. The internship with APCON was centered on a SCRUM approach of development using Android Studio. APCON Mobile allows owners of APCON Switches and Chassis to monitor alerts remotely and securely. I have had the opportunity to work with tools such as TortiseSVN, Mantis, Jenkins, TestRail, TechPubs, and Android Studio with LogCat.

  • Participated in Collaborative Environments
  • Created and Used Test Plans
  • Participated in Weekly Scrum Meetings
  • Created and Edited Documentation
  • Met High Pressured Deadlines
  • Knowledge in Test Driven Development



  • 2017-2019

    Capital One

    Plano, TX

    Data Visualization tool compatible with any data source.

    PinPoint Application Performance Management (APM)
    Designed the FrontEnd in Angular 5 for an open-sourced, Java based Application Performance Management application. The application earned a very prestigious award within Capital One, The Circle of Excellence Award, for collaborating with the original developers to make more than 60 feature and security enhancements, dozens of which we contributed back to the open source community. Pinpoint is being used on more than 150 applications across Technology and allows us to take control of our capabilities within enterprise monitoring, as well as develop and adapt monitoring capabilities based on business, customer or technology needs.

    Monitoring Intelligence Portal - as Tech Lead
    The primary feature request was build a portal to house links for separate websites internal to Capital One that were being used for onboarding new customers that needed monitoring. After gathering requirements from individual teams dedicated to separate monitoring data sources, it became clear that a portal to allow self service was necessary. Once the proof of concept was approved the portal was built and excel forms became obsolete. Self service ability to onboard with ELK stack was achieved. Tech - Angular 4, Java Spring Boot, PostgreSQL (Full-Stack).

    Angular Gosu Team Member
    The Angular Gosu Team is an exclusive team of 5 Angular experts within Capital One. As one of the founding members, I designed curriculum and trained several classes to Capital One Associates.

    Data Visualization Team
    Submitted and presented some of the D3 Visualizations developed for Pinpoint and Eye in the Sky.

    Open Source Repo and ISRM contributions
    Contributed to the Innersource community by submitting my code to dedicated repositories and documenting steps for usage in Github as well as worked with ISRM to help Eratocode identify package licenses for evaluation.

  • 2016-2017

    Software Engineer

    RMG Networks, Dallas, USA

    Worked closely with several open source technologies with the goal of building a new SaSS platform from the ground up (similar to that of a startup). The technologies included NodeJS, HTML, CSS, PostGres, MySQL, Laravel, PHP, and a whole lot of Javascript.

  • 2016


    Plano, TX

    Worked with nThrive (formerly MedAssets) to create software that presents Big Data in a way to would allow customers to make better and more informed decisions through the use of MicroStrategy and TIBCO Spotfire.

  • 2015-2016

    Software Engineer Internship

    APCON, Dallas, USA

    Began an Internship in Software Engineering with APCON. While at APCON, I coded a mobile app using Android Studio, created test cases using Traceability Matrices to conduct full rounds of accurate testing, reported weekly with status reports on the progress of bugs, and debugged the mobile app using the Android Studio Debugger and Logcat.

  • 2015

    Senior Design Project

    University of Texas at Dallas, Texas

    Participated in a Senior Design project with UTD. Our project was to create an open source Drag and Drop Diagram Editor. The program was intended to allow users to design and connect components to create a prototype network infrastructure for price estimation purposes.


  • 2011-2015

    Bachelor Degree Certification

    BS in Software Engineering, University of Texas at Dallas, USA

    Completed a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas, USA. UTD is known for producing quality engineers.

  • 2005-2010

    Bachelor Degree Certification

    BA in General Studies, The University of North Texas, USA

    My General Studies degree consists of three concentrations: Political Science, Economics, & Business

  • 2000-2004

    High School Diploma

    Hillcrest High School, Dallas, USA

    Hillcrest is where I first discovered my love for programming. My love for software started with my first adventure in programming on a TI-83.


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*The percentages above are personal estimations on how effective I feel I am with the technology.


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Senior Design Project


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